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The emblem of the Fourth Degree is represented by three elements. A dove floating over a globe showing the Western Hemisphere and representing the New World Columbus is credited with discovering. Both these symbols are mounted on the Isabella cross, a variation of the Maltese cross with knobs at the end of each of the 8 points. This cross was often found on the tunics and capes of the crusading knights who fought for the Holy Land.

Spiritually, the symbols of the emblem symbolize the three persons of God. The Globe represents God the Father, Creator of the Universe. The Cross is symbolic of God the Son, who redeemed mankind by dying on the cross, and the Dove represents God the Holy Spirit, the Sanctifier of Humanity. The colors of the emblem, the red cross, white dove and blue earth are the colors of the flag of the United States, where the Order was founded. The elements serve as a reminder that the principle of the Degree is patriotism but also that the Order is thoroughly Catholic.

The Fourth Degree is the patriotic degree of the order. On February 22, 1900, the first exemplification of the Fourth Degree was held in New York City. To the three principles of our Order: Charity, Unity and Fraternity, the final lesson that was added is the virtue of patriotism. The focus of the Fourth Degree is on this principle, an abiding love for and devotion to one's country. The primary purpose of the Fourth Degree is to foster the spirit of patriotism by promoting responsible citizenship and a love of and loyalty to the Knights' respective countries through membership in local Fourth Degree groups called Assemblies.

Starting at the Supreme level there is the Supreme Master and the Supreme Board of Directors. The next level of the structure is broken into provinces of which there are twenty. Each province is lead by a Vice-Supreme Master. The province is then broken up into districts each of which contains a Master, then of local Assemblies lead by a Faithful Navigator, our local Assembly, being the Cardinal Francis McIntyre Assembly #65.

Certain members of the Fourth Degree serve as Color Guards and Honor Guards at civic and religious functions, an honorable activity which has brought worldwide recognition to the Knights of Columbus and local Assembly organizations. Honor Guards have mastered the "Manual of the Sword". The Master wears a Gold Patch on his beret while his District Marshal wears a green patch. The Navigator of an Assembly wears a white patch while his Color Corps Commander wears a purple patch. Finally, all other members of the Color Corps do not wear a patch on their beret.

As members of the Color Corps, we are the visible part of the Order. When the public sees us in parades, they see the visible arm of the "Knights of Columbus". When we attend wakes and/or funerals of our deceased brothers, all see the visible "Knights of Columbus". In the many parishes in which we serve, our fellow Catholics see the "Knights of Columbus".

Cardinal McIntyre Assembly was founded in 1955. It is named after His Eminence Cardinal James Francis McIntyre. Cardinal McIntyre Assembly works closely with the parishes in the communities of Van Nuys, Sherman Oaks, Encino, Panorama City and Woodland Hills, providing funds for various projects and activities.
Our members are very active participants in their respective parishes and community.

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