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Flag Retirement Program

As part of our Patrioitic Degree, when a flag is so worn it is no longer fit to serve as a symbol of our country, we will discharge the flag by burning it in a dignified manner.

The flag must be folded in the customary triangle fold. To do this, hold the flag parallel to the floor waist high with another person (the flag is not to touch the floor). Now fold the flag lengthwise by folding the lower half of the stripes over the stars. Fold the flag in half lengthwise again bringing the other side over to show the blue field on top.

With the flag folded in quarters lengthwise, start at the bottom and make a triangular fold by bringing the folded edge of the stripes up and over to the open edge of the stripes. Then fold the triangle you have created up so the point is inward and the edge is parallel with the rest of the flag. Continue folding the flag in this manner until you reach the end. There will be some flag left over and this is to be tucked into the fold of the triangle.

With the flag folded properly you are ready to place the flag into a fire. You have to be sure that the fire is both large enough and hot enough to completely burn the flag down to ashes. With the fire ready, you can now place the flag upon the fire. You can stand at attention, salute the flag, recite the Pledge of Allegiance and have a brief period of silent reflection or a moment of silence. Once the flag has been burned completely to ashes the fire should be extinguished. The ashes are now to be gathered and buried.

 New Uniform Discount

The new uniform discount reimbursement is available only to members of the Assembly 65. It is an incentive to join the Color Corps and to participate in our Assembly Call-Outs such as religious events and funerals. A 25% reimbursement will be provided with proof of purchase.

Chalice Program

The Chalice program is available to any member of the assembly. Members who join the program agree to purchase a chalice to be given to a priest after the passing of the member. The members name is engraved on the base of the chalice as a memorial to that member. Please contact the worthy Comptroller to take part in this program.

The Sir Knights of Cardinal McIntyre Assembly have a few programs to which they may avail themselves. The Chalice Program is for members who wish to donate a Chalice to a member of the Clergy upon their passing, the Regalia Uniform Discount Program is for members who wish to join the Color Corp and receive a 25% reimbursement on the purchase of their Regalia. The Flag Retirement Program is for any member that has a worn flag that needs to be properly discharged.


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