Joseph Wilson was a member of Los Angeles Council 621, the oldest Council in Los Angeles.  He became Grand Knight of Glendale Council 1920 serving from 1946-47.  He went on to help establish the Van Nuys Council known then as the West Valley Council 3148. He would go on to serve as the fourth Grand Knight of West Valley Council from 1951-52. Later, he would serve as District Deputy. In 1954, he was elected President of the Southern California Chapter. He was the first Faithful Navigator of the James Francis Cardinal McIntyre Assembly. He obtained the charter after returning from the Supreme Council Convention in 1955.  He served in various State Chairman positions. He was elected and served as California State Deputy from 1961-62.

Joseph Wilson

Fourth Degree - The Degree of Patriotism

When the Knights of Columbus was founded in 1882, three principles united its members: charity, unity and fraternity.  At that time people feared that members of the Catholic faith owed their entire allegiance to the Church and could not be trusted as citizens of their country. Patriotism was added to the Order’s principles in 1900, based on the idea that Knights are loyal to both God and country.

Members who wish to live out patriotism together can join “the Fourth Degree.” Members of this degree have the special honor of holding the title “Sir Knight,” participating in color and honor guards and organizing programs that promote Catholic citizenship. They also become part of a Fourth Degree Assembly in their area. There are more than 3,500 Fourth Degree assemblies around the world.

The first exemplification of the Fourth Degree takes place February 22, 1900 in New York along with 1,100 Knights participating.

Our First Faithful Navigator


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